Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation Workshops in Bristol

At our Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation workshops in Bristol you can escape the stresses and strains of  everyday life in order to learn a beautiful and nourishing art that brings strength and stability to both body and mind. These workshops are the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into the practices that we teach within our school. They are also great for those who are new to this way of exercise as they provide a wonderful opportunity to develop a strong foundation. Dedicating a whole day to the exercise gives us the opportunity to make changes that might not be possible in a weekly class.

Spaces Limited to Twelve People so Please Book to Ensure a Place.

Tai Chi Thirteen & Meditation Workshops

Tai Chi Thirteen: Tai Chi Thirteen is a relatively simple Tai Chi form that takes about 10 minutes to perform and incorporates all of the fundamental principles of Tai Chi practice. The basic movements can be learned in two to three months, but can take many years to truly master. It is perfect for those who only have limited space in which to practice. In these workshops we will look at the postures of the form as standing exercises, and then learn how to move from one to the other with grace and fluidity. We will have more time to spend on each of the postures so that we can gain a deeper understanding of how to activate our vital energy in order to cultivate health and happiness.

Part 1: In 'part one' workshops, we focus on the first four postures of the form and look at the important fundamentals of Tai Chi practice. These workshops are ideal for developing a grounding in the principles of Tai Chi practice before joining one of our ongoing classes. That said, Tai Chi is a fascinating journey of refinement and growth, so repeating a workshop will also be very rewarding for more experiences practitioners.

Part 2: In 'part two' workshops, we assume knowledge of the first four postures of the form and some understanding of the principles of Tai Chi practice. Here, we will look at the last four postures of the form, and work in more detail with the subtleties of internal movement. By the end of this session, we should have an understanding of the whole Tai Chi Thirteen form which we can then practice and refine going forward.

We believe that everyone who attends our classes is unique and so there is no formulaic approach to teaching. Every workshop will be somewhat different according to who is present and what the group as a whole needs to work on. For more information on our Tai Chi practice please click here.

Wuxi Meditation: Meditation is a wonderful tool for letting go of the stresses and strains that we accumulate in our daily life. During these workshops, we will use seated meditation in order to go further into the calm and stability that we find in our moving practice. In this way we can get to know the thoughts and feelings that bubble through our mind, and we can find the natural state of peace that lies behind them. As our practice progresses, we can come to see how this quiet stability carries over into our everyday life.

For more information on our meditation practice please click here.

Time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Cost: £40/£35 per day

Spaces Limited to Twelve People so Please Book to Ensure a Place.

Tea and biscuits provided.

Please bring lunch or there are shops and cafes 5 minutes’ walk from the venue.


Address: The Beechwood Club, Beechwood Road, Bristol BS16 3TP

Parking: 3 hours free parking next to venue and free on-street parking in surrounding area.

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