Typical Class

In a typical Tai Chi class you can expect to see people from all walks of life, some who are there for the remedial benefits that Tai Chi practice can offer, some who simply enjoy this unique form of physical exercise, and some who are interested in the meditative aspects of practice. A typical class will start with warm-up exercises to get the body loose and open, before moving on to practice simple Qigong exercises which incorporate important principles that will be explored in the Tai Chi form. In addition to these solo exercises, it is also possible that a class might include various forms of partner work to further develop awareness of our body and how we interact with others. The end of the class might incorporate some form of simple meditation practice, helping us to further explore the peaceful qualities we have developed.

If you have any health concerns please seek advice from your doctor and let me know before attending class for the first time. There is no pressure to participate in any exercises, and you are always welcome to sit out and watch anything that you aren’t comfortable with.

What to Wear

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing and simple flat-soled shoes. Then, after practicing for some time, you might also like to invest in a pair of cotton-soled Tai Chi shoes. In addition to appropriate clothing, it can also be worthwhile bringing some water to class, and perhaps a small towel if you are planning to engage more intensively with the exercises. It is also advised that you remove any jewellery in order to avoid accidents.