Master Shen Jin Leading Form Practice, ca.2004

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a traditional form of Chinese martial art which focuses on the cultivation of physical and mental wellbeing through harmonising body, breath and mind into one unbroken whole. The practice developed as a result of combining traditional martial arts with the principals of Qigong exercise. It is enjoyed today by people from all walks of life who have come to appreciate the profound effects that come with finding tranquillity in movement.

Taiji in the Park, Beijing 2008

What is Qigong?
Qigong exercises are a modern Chinese expression of the traditional psycho-physical practices which exist in many different Asian cultures. These exercises bring body, breath, and mind together to cultivate a subtle internal movement which helps to stretch and open the body, leading to a flourishing of energy and a feeling of freshness in the mind. The feeling of peace which can be achieved through this practice leads very naturally to a stress-free state of meditation.

Experiencing Monastic Life, Taiwan 2009

What is Meditation?
Through the gentle movements of Tai Chi and Qigong exercise we can wash away many of the stresses and strains that are accumulated in daily life. Then, in order to cultivate this practice on a deeper level, it is also very common to use seated, standing, or lying down meditation exercises. As the mind becomes quieter, the practitioner can learn to appreciate the peace and well-being which naturally emerges from the still centre of their being.