Guiding Teachers

Tai Chi Master Dr Shen Hongxun

Dr Shen Hongxun (1939-2011)

All of the exercises practiced within our school are derived from the teachings of Dr Shen Hongxun. Dr Shen was a doctor of both Chinese and Western medicine, and as such was well placed to understand the flourishing of individual health according to both of these models. Introduced to Tai Chi practice at a very young age, he went on to study many other traditional Qigong exercises, as well as meditation practices derived from both the Taoist and Buddhist traditions. He combined all of this knowledge and experience in order to found a modern-day Qigong exercise system which he called Taijiwuxigong (‘Tai Chi Five Subtle-Breath Cultivation’), and a system of Qi healing which he called Buqi ('Healing Qi'). He dedicated his life to transmitting these practices to people in many different parts of the world. To discover more about Dr Shen's life and work please visit the Buqi Institute website.

Dr Shen's Tai Chi Lineage

Dr Shen's Obituary in The Guardian

Tai Chi Master Shen Jin

Shen Jin

Shen Jin is the daughter of Dr Shen. She also started her study of traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong exercise at a very young age, learning both from her father and from other masters teaching in China. Since her father’s passing she has continued to travel and teach these practices throughout Europe, and visits Bristol regularly to help practitioners both old and new develop their understanding of Tai Chi and Qigong.