Understanding Our Own Bodies

YangWenren_Xiyouji_SunWukongFlying_920x1020“As people get older they start to feel that things are always the same, but this is not really true. We perform the same actions everyday such as eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet, and the Dao is present in all these activities, but it is we who are not present. Then, if we can be present with these activities they will feel new every time. When we talk about sleeping, eating, and going to the toilet, people say that they understand these things, but they don’t really know how to do these things well. People think that these are unimportant matters, but the truth is that they are very important. This knowledge is very important, but if we cannot bring awareness to such activities it will not matter how many books we read or teachers we have. Meditation helps us to have this kind of awareness – to have this wisdom regarding what is happening within our own bodies. Everyone has this wisdom, but they are blocked by all of their accumulated knowledge. We always say to ourselves and others, “I know, I know”, but these ideas block our access to true wisdom.”

-Shen Jin, Emei Meditation Course, UK, 2017

Using Mind Not Physical Strength

YangWenren_Xiyouji_SunWukongFighting_914x1020“In Taijiquan we have the saying yong yi bu yong li 用意不用力 (Use mind not strength), and this means that if we use mind/awareness (yi) we will be present, but if we use strength (li) we will not. If we are present, we will have the ability to respond naturally, but if we are not present, we will use force against force and become blocked. So, the exercises we practice are given many different names such as Taijiquan, Taijiwuxigong or Emei but one thing is always the same: the awareness that we can develop of our own body, and the possibility for cultivating a deeper understanding of it.”

-Shen Jin, Emei Meditation Course, UK, 2017